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This Small Peace of Land

I’ve been deleting posts I have elsewhere on the web and I decided this poem was one thing I wasn’t yet ready to suppress out of existence.  It’s the only poem I ever attempted. I believe I wrote it during my particularly insufferable years of high school. Pay the post no attention as I’m simply archiving it.

In this small piece of land
There has been more blood than anyone can imagine
More tragedies and travesties and catastrophes
More bombings and killings
More assassinations and invasions

In this small piece of land
Whole nations are created
Whole nations are decimated
Great leaders have fallen
Greater ones have risen

In this small piece of land
A 12 year old boy fought a tank
And in death became immortal
Representing the resistance of a nation
A hope to his proud people

In this small piece of land
That we see with a distorted perspective
of Israeli assaults in “self defense”
of Arab attacks as acts of terror
Of Israelis as heroes
Arabs as monsters

In this small piece of land
The word Apartheid has been resurrected
With roads for Jews and roads for Arabs
Rights for Jews and rights for Arabs
Neighborhoods for Jews and Neighborhoods for Arabs

In this small piece of land
No crime is unimaginable
Refugee camps exterminated
Holocaust survivors targeted
No act too detestable
No murder is unconscionable
All lives are expendable

In this small piece of land that knows no peace.