Portugal’s Prime Minister Reminded that “It’s the People Who Lead”

In Portugal on Friday, a powerful anthem against the old fascist regime of Antonio Salazar was used against the figurehead of the new dictatorship, the Troika. The symbolism is immediate to anyone familiar with the song “Grandola, Vila Morena” and it didn’t resonate only in Portugal.  It trended in Spain and in comments below the video you’ll quickly find solidarity from places like Greece that have also been visited by this dictatorship of the Troika.


The misery, the political alienation, the unemployment, Grandola, Vila Morena confronts everything wrong with how the world is today by describing how it should be: 

“O povo é quem mais ordena” – It is the people who lead. Those forty protesters reminded the prime minister of this on Friday. On March 2nd, the upcoming day of mass mobilization, the whole of Portugal will get the opportunity to do the same.


Protesters in Spain demonstrating on Saturday against bank ordered home evictions sang Grandola Vila Morena:

You can find a full translation of the song here.


One response to “Portugal’s Prime Minister Reminded that “It’s the People Who Lead””

  1. sarimirfan says :

    Waiting for March 2 then 🙂

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