May Day Live Blog

7:10 – police charge into the flank of a retreating protest march in Montreal:

6:47 May Day events in New York City are well underway:

Much of the action has been occurring in Montreal, however. Teargas has been fired at an anti-capitalist march and rock were thrown by some demonstrators at police and shops. You can find a live blog dedicated to Montreal here:

2:33 -Estimated 10,000 protesters in Berlin:

12:25 – The labor march in Paris:

11:37 – The UGT labor confederation protest in central Lisbon. The larger CGTP confederation held a demonstration elsewhere in Portugal’s capitol. The two unions differ on the labor reform demanded by the Troika with the UGT signing on and the CGTP rejecting it:

11:10 – Video showing LGBT activists participating in Cuba’s annual May Day parade:

10:25 – One of the rare instances of violence today in Turin where police and protesters scuffled in a relatively minor clash:

Another isolated instance of violence occurred in San Francisco where a crowd reportedly damaged a bank and set a car on fire.

9:40 – Puerta Del Sol in Madrid, Spain:

9:20 – The first May Day event may have taken place last night in Quebec. For the past week, some of the student demonstrations have started at night and a few continued past midnight. Video of last night’s march:

9:10 – In Marseilles, France the Greek flag makes yet another appearance in a European demonstration:

8:58 – Protests and marches are underway over much of the world to mark May first. Out of admiration for their 2011 revolution, I begin with a very large protest in the Tunisian capital held by the labor confederation UGTT:


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