The Tunisian Insurrection of 2011 Burns on into 2012

The Arab revolutions found their trigger in Tunisia and well over a year after Tunisians drove Ben Ali out of power and into exile, the completion of their revolutionary goals still demands street mobilization. Today, April 9th, The General Union of Tunisian Workers called a protest against the continued unemployment faced by Tunisians, especially Tunisian youths. However, the government of Tunisia maintained a ban on protests and police were used to disperse the crowds of demonstrators who assembled:

Governments will readily reorganize themselves to reestablish a facade of legitimacy. They will fight till the end, however, before conceding any ground on the fundamental inequality and poverty that structure both regime and society. As the following video shows, the government is ready to have Tunisians bleed in order to maintain this structure:


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3 responses to “The Tunisian Insurrection of 2011 Burns on into 2012”

  1. sarimirfan says :

    Foremost lessons from the ArabSprings in history would be that the governments learnt nothing from it.

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