Spain’s General Strike: As It Unfolded

Update 5:

Flagrant police brutality against protesters evacuating Catalunya square in Barcelona:

video of the aftermath of the police assault on protesters:

clashes between protesters & police in central Barcelona:

El Pais estimates the crowd total in Barcelona at 275,000 and 170,000 in Madrid. Union figures are far higher with 900,000 in Madrid alone.

Update 4:

video of more police violence against strikers. After being beat by police batons, the crowd shows their bare hands and chant “these are our weapons”:

100,000 people in the city of Vigo marched against the worsening of labor conditions purposed by the national government. This makes out to about 1 in 3 residents of the city. If you thought this number was inflated by crowds coming from the other large city in that region of Spain, worth seeing the tens of thousands protesting in A Coruña

Many tens of thousands also protested in the Basque city of Bilbao:

Update 3:

possibly signaling a long day ahead, 58 general strike related arrests reported overnight across Spain by La Vanguardia.

One of the instances where the police used violent force against striking workers picketing their workplace:

One of the incendiary pickets that burned in the pre-dawn hours, this one in the city of Lleida:

Update 2:

Morning will bring more news but here are some last critical updates:

a business owner used a knife to stab a union member who entered the business to inform workers about the general strike. Injury reported as minor:

This video shows hundreds of workers in Zaragoza participating in a picket outside their workplace:

The pickets are an issue to watch because last week in Portugal police were used to break up pickets by striking Portuguese workers.

Finally, TeleMadrid isn’t the only television channel offline. Canal Sur in the southern autonomous community of Andalusia is also offline. Image of the signal shown here:

Update 1:

Reports in Spanish media report a fall in electricity demand by 15%, a fall linked to the general strike and possibly indicating a high level of participation in work stoppages.

Meanwhile, some Spanish media is offline entirely. Here’s a screenshot I took of Public television channel TeleMadrid. “The general strike called by the unions against the labor reform of the national government has disrupted the transmition of Telemadrid”:

There are also hundreds if not thousands of students and youths taking to the street calling on bars and stores to close:

These are but the first few hours of the general strike and by morning and the afternoon we’ll know the full force of the resistance across Spain to the right-wing government’s worsening of labor conditions. Solidarity with Spanish workers, indignant youths, and unemployed!


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