Tensions in Bahrain Come to a Boil as Uprising Anniversary Nears

I came across this stunning video out of Bahrain, purportedly showing a faction of regime opponents effectively besieging a compound belonging to security forces:

This follows weeks of protests, attacks by security forces, and mass funerals for demonstrators who’ve been killed. With the anniversary of the peaceful uprising last February just days away, the regime is restricting access to the country, preventing Western journalists and even Al Jazeera from drawing attention to calls for democracy unheeded by those clinging to power.

Without a doubt, supporters of the regime will seize on the video I posted above as evidence of a violent plot within the country -advocates of despotism long disregarded originality. But the stones and molotov cocktails now being thrown by a segment of regime opponents can’t be equated with the violence of the regime, let alone used as justification for regime violence. The regime has full responsibility for security forces they employ, thereby having the ability to discipline and fire. Yet, security forces continue to inflict regular brutality on citizens. The broad opposition, however, has no such mechanisms or uniformity as the regime. After dozens of deaths at the hands of security forces, broken promises to reform and end abuses, the path to avoid greater unrest in Bahrain is by transitioning to democracy. This is a reality the regime will seek to obscure with a media blackout and more clouds of teargas.


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