Syria Update for January 3rd

As the video posted above shows, army vehicles, specifically an armored personnel carrier by the looks of it, are still very much on the streets despite assurances by the Arab League observers. This video being from Kafaranbel in Idlib province, a region that saw some of the worst violence before Arab League observers arrived.

Meanwhile, the armed struggle against the Assad regime is building momentum amid the failure of the Arab League mission to halt the crackdown. Eighteen soldiers loyal to Assad were killed as members of the army were in the process of defecting. These are always hugely significant for as soldiers are leaving to swell the ranks of the opposition, simultaneously the ranks within Assad’s military are being reduced. This latest violence as the the armed opposition warns of an escalation in the armed campaign against the regime.

In other news, the regime and the opposition have traded blame for the latest pipeline explosion in Syria.


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