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The Struggle for a Free Bahrain Continues

It’s been a long struggle for Bahrainis. February’s mass demonstrations in favor of democracy, and the violent repression by the regime of those protests, are nearly a year old. Since then, there’s been a commission investigating abuses of human rights, and positioning by the regime to prosecute a few purported bad apples in the security forces. But today, the last day of the year, we saw the following on the streets of Bahrain:


According to the opposition, a sixteen year old boy was killed by security forces during today’s clashes. It’s the continuation of protest and crackdown that has recently escalated following the commission of inquiry that failed to deliver any measurable amount of reform to a regime whose willingness to kill may prove its unwillingness to reform. The violence from the protesters today, notably evident in the clips above and which contrast from months of peaceful protests and civil disobedience, suggests a population exhausted with a regime trying to delay but ultimately avoid reform. The regime has not opened any political space to be filled by ordinary Bahrainis, so it’d be natural for Bahrainis to have no space for the regime in a democratic and free Bahrain of the future.